What do you offer?
I offer logo design which helps boost client profits by helping them attract new business opportunities and retain a customer base.

How do I know I am making the correct decision choosing you as my logo designer?
I value your business and will not provide you a design based on aesthetics, and a logo that took an hour to create. I analyze your business plan, your company mission, your background, your way of dealing with people and move forward from there. Based on all your company research I develop a timeless identity for your business that doesn’t need to be re-hashed as soon as the latest trend has passed.

Important questions need to be addressed carefully when planning on developing a logo for your company.

  1. How many questions have been asked about your company?
  2. How much research has been conducted into your business?
  3. Has there been a brainstorming or sketching process carried out?
  4. How much time has been spent on the project?

How long will the logo take to complete?
It works on a time frame basis which can vary from three weeks to three months or more, with the schedule depending almost entirely on project deliverables.

How do you accept payment?
I normally request a 50% deposit prior to scheduling the work. Payable by via bank transfer (other payment options considered upon request). Bank details are included in my invoice, and the remaining 50% is payable upon completion of the logo, prior to supply of original artwork.