If you would like to discuss working together, feel free to get in touch with a brief outline of your requirements. Let’s embark on an exciting adventure together!

Feedback from several of my clients will give a sense of what it’s like to work with me.

Recent Clients:
Henley Business School
Leriba (UK)
Capital Management Africa
Gary Wilkinson (UK)
Boyfield & Associates (UK)
Silvertone International
Eagle Support Africa
Janus Boshoff Photographer
Make Africa Green
PenLion Leadership (UK)
Andre Young
Murray & Roberts (SA)
Red Chick


Who I Am

I’m Dion Raath specialising in logo, brand identity design. I coach my clients on the “investment” of having a logo professionally done by someone like myself who is intimately concerned about the success of their business and is willing to build a close business relationship with the client to achieve that success.
I have gained many years of experience in viewing a business the way a potential customer would. Allowing me to research, brainstorm, create ideas and work them through and only show ideas I believe meet all the requirements for your company. With thorough research, on-going client liaison, experience and imagination, the end result can give your business an identity that truly reflects how you wish to be perceived, which I find most satisfying.